何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第1句 (查看原文)
Understanding how languages emerge and survive holds great interest for researchers, since many languages are slipping away in increasing numbers around the world. Uncommon languages are better equipped to survive, researchers are learning, when young people are actively speaking them, whether in a family setting, in a school system, or in immersion programs.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第2句 (查看原文)
In short, the Green New Deal’s supporters hope that industrial policy can now bring forth another transition—to cheaper energy, faster trains, and an altogether more climate-friendly economy. But a group of scholars argue that the United States has neglected its domestic manufacturing sector since the 1980s, a move that risks national failure.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第3句 (查看原文)
We live in a time when technological change is portrayed as an inexorable, impersonal force: we’d better learn how to surf the tsunami or drown. But as a society, we always have a choice about which direction we take next. Technology isn’t just something that happens to us; it’s something we can decide to build and to use, or not.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第4句 (查看原文)
While a majority of Republicans supports the president’s decision, some conservatives, especially those concerned about constitutional rule and limited government, are finding it hard to get behind a move that risks expanding presidential power.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第5句 (查看原文)
It looked more than a little weird: One of America’s most successful companies decides not to locate a headquarters in New York, and some of the city’s most prominent politicians cheer.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第6句 (查看原文)
Meanwhile, inspired partly by Donald Trump, politicians from Syria to Spain now openly attack reporters, calling them “fake” or “biased”, accusing them of twisting reality. The public, meanwhile, sees journalists as too soft on power or too close to the wealthy and don’t trust what they perceive as conflicts of interest.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第7句 (查看原文)
Apple issued a warning to developers last week after a TechCrunch report revealed that a number of banking and travel companies had contracted with an analytics firm, Glassbox, to record customers’ screens as they used their apps.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第8句 (查看原文)
Similarly, the trend for the heaviest social media users to go to sleep late may be down to teenagers who naturally fall asleep late using social media in bed until they feel tired.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第9句 (查看原文)
Testimony from industry groups and advocates previewed plenty of buzzy topics that legislators are likely to probe, from discriminatory pricing to limits on processing certain types of data. But lawmakers are split most starkly over the question of whether a federal law should supersede or take the place of state statutes.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第10句 (查看原文)
Some eastern people believe animals are conscious beings that experience, in varying degrees, emotions analogous to human desire, fear, pain, sorrow, and joy. This idea that animals are conscious was long unpopular in the West, but it has lately found favor among scientists who study animal cognition.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第11句 (查看原文)
Michael Cohen’s testimony is as unprecedented as it is stunning: A direct witness to the actions of the president of the United States presented specific evidence of the president’s decades-old pattern of lying, financial fraud, intimidation and betrayal of his country for personal gain.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第12句 (查看原文)
States have very different ways of recognizing online accounts and data. Some treat digital assets as property like a car or a savings account. Others treat digital assets as private data that shouldn’t be accessed by anyone else. In general, tech companies won’t turn over your data without your express consent, though some make exceptions for heirs.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第13句 (查看原文)
Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency have shown that Oxford and Cambridge are almost alone among the competitive British universities in failing to expand their intake of domestic undergraduates while slowly increasing the proportion of sought-after places going to EU and international students.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第14句 (查看原文)
With their $26.5 billion merger hanging in the balance, top executives of T-Mobile and Sprint are taking their case to Congress, arguing that joining their companies won't hurt competition or jack up consumer prices for wireless service.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第15句 (查看原文)
AT&T's victory over the government's attempt to block its $85 billion takeover of Time Warner underscores just how much the way people watch – and pay for – TV has changed. It also highlights how corporate America wants to adapt to deal with its new environment. In short: Bigger is better.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第16句 (查看原文)
If we hope to raise kids who are brave, competent and resourceful, we have to let them step out into the world on their own, away from our relentless, watchful eyes, and with a realistic perspective on the dangers they face. We must, as psychologist Laurence Steinberg writes, “protect when you must, but permit when you can.”
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第17句 (查看原文)
The Democratic National Committee(DNC) has decided to exclude Fox News Channel from televising any of its candidate debates during the 2019-2020 cycle as a result of published revelations detailing the cable network’s close ties to the Trump administration.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第18句 (查看原文)
The number of people killed on the roads was falling steadily in the UK until 2010, at which point the decline suddenly ended. Why? Because, while fewer drivers and passengers are dying, the number of pedestrians killed has risen by 11%.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第19句 (查看原文)
San Francisco now serves as a metaphor for how tech money can transform even one of the most charming and energetic cities into a place where no teachers can afford to live, even young rich people are terrified of losing their apartments, and longtime residents grumble under their breath as they wander through suddenly alien streets.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第20句 (查看原文)
Wages grew 3.4 percent in the past year, the government reported Friday, the fastest pace in nearly a decade and well above inflation, suggesting that employers are striving to lure and retain workers. Many are slashing requirements for jobs and are hiring workers quickly to prevent them from being employed by competitors, a far cry from the days when job seekers felt lucky to even get a callback.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第21句 (查看原文)
Britain is a long way from the drug abuse on the US scale, and this is a tribute to the superiority of single-payer healthcare. The NHS is stretched and imperfect, but its mere existence has prevented the abuses which produced the US crisis.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第22句 (查看原文)
Fifteen years later, Harvard students and faculty still remember those early months watching the new network generate a new kind of reality, one where your online activity became permanently entangled with your offline self, where a relationship wasn’t real unless it was posted to Facebook, where everyone was assumed to have an online presence.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第23句 (查看原文)
Fifteen years later, Harvard students and faculty still remember those early months watching the new network generate a new kind of reality, one where your online activity became permanently entangled with your offline self, where a relationship wasn’t real unless it was posted to Facebook, where everyone was assumed to have an online presence.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第24句 (查看原文)
While boosting science education remains a good idea, and not only because of the expected economic benefit, the humanities matter too – even if their contribution is less easily measured in our instrumentalist age.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第25句 (查看原文)
While measuring the clarity of our streams, the vibrance of our meadows and the health of our wildlife in financial terms can help to persuade the Hammonds of the world of their value, the government must not succumb to the idea that the living systems we depend on are replaceable. Industries generating profits from destruction will never be more valuable than the skies, the rivers and the landscapes they pollute.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第26句 (查看原文)
As the world was grounding 737 Max airliners this week, following the second crash involving the new jet in five months, the Trump administration, serving as a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing, declared “no basis to order grounding.”This from an administration and president that claim climate change is a hoax, radiation and pesticides are healthy, and that “raking” prevents forest fires.When President Trump finally buckled to pressure and grounded the 737 Max on Wednesday, he said he “maybe didn’t have to” but thought it important “psychologically.”
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第27句 (查看原文)
Julie Schablitsky, the chief archaeologist with the Maryland state highway administration, told the Post the discovery, based on saliva absorbed into the clay pipe, was a “mind-blower”.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第28句 (查看原文)
Yet, contrary to expectations, Americans in remote locations did not rely more on online shopping. Instead, the researchers found people in more densely populated areas were more likely to do their shopping online, though that may also be tied to education levels and access to Internet connections and banking services.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第29句 (查看原文)
Fashion brands’ recent, mostly half-hearted attempts at entering the plus-size market suggest a certain amount of fear on the part of those running the industry. American culture doesn’t like fat people very much, and what if courting larger shoppers will make their stores seem uncool?
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第30句 (查看原文)
Those who study social media say that slowing the spread of appalling videos might require the companies to change or limit some features that help spread stimulating content. Those include powerful search and recommendation algorithms, nearly instantaneous uploads and autoplay.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第31句 (查看原文)
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday suggested it would not raise interest rates in 2019, a dramatic about-face that indicated the central bank’s worries about the economy are intensifying. “Growth is slowing somewhat more than expected,” Fed Chair Jerome H. Powell said at a news conference. “While the U.S. economy showed little evidence of a slowdown through the end of 2018, the limited data we have so far this year have been somewhat more mixed.”
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第32句 (查看原文)
The country is facing the ‘‘jaws of death”, Sir James Bevan said, at the point where water demand from the country’s rising population surpasses the falling supply resulting from climate change. However, this could be avoided with ambitious action to cut people’s water use by a third and leakage from water company pipes by 50%, he says, along with big new reservoirs and transfers of water across the country.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第33句 (查看原文)
Trump is right that unemployment rates for black and Hispanic Americans hit record lows during his presidency. But unemployment among those groups has been falling since 2010. And unemployment numbers for these groups remain higher than those for white Americans.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第34句 (查看原文)
For many children, teaching assistants offer support in a variety of ways. Not only do they break down the lesson in a way children can understand, but often they are the ones who are available to offer the emotional support to those who find learning difficult due to various reasons such as speech and language barriers, social deprivation or special educational needs and disability.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第35句 (查看原文)
It is important to draw a distinction between grade inflation and grade improvement, where increased investment in teaching and facilities, as well as students working harder than ever, are leading to legitimate increases in grades.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第36句 (查看原文)
The Justice Department’s position supporting the judge’s ruling would potentially eliminate health care for millions of people and create widespread disruption across the U.S. health-care system — from removing no-charge preventive services for older Americans on Medicare to voiding the expansion of Medicaid in most states.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第37句 (查看原文)
Under the ruling — which will take effect in 60 days, pending an appeal from the state or revised legislation — women will be able to seek abortions at any point before a doctor determines the fetus is “viable” and could be able to survive outside the womb.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第38句 (查看原文)
Nutt has long been developing a holy grail of molecules – also referred to as “alcosynth” – that will provide the relaxing and socially lubricating qualities of alcohol, but without the hangovers, health issues and the risk of getting paralytic. It sounds too good to be true, and when I discuss the notion with two alcohol industry experts, they draw parallels with plans to colonise Mars.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第39句 (查看原文)
An NHS England spokesman said: “While antidepressants play an important role for some patients, an attitude of ‘a pill for every ill’ can mean not only do some people end up taking medicine they don’t need to, but taxpayer funding is spent on avoidable prescriptions.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第40句 (查看原文)
The vanishing of coal plants from the American landscape began years ago, but it has persisted under President Trump, who came into office promising to revitalize the coal industry.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第41句 (查看原文)
There are benefits to low-wage workers of hiking the minimum, but also dangers — most prominently, a heightened risk that employers will cut jobs and hours, or substitute machinery for labor.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第42句 (查看原文)
With just a year to go before the 2020 Census, the U.S. government is urgently working to safeguard against hacking and disinformation campaigns as it perfects a plan to count about 330 million people largely online for the first time.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第43句 (查看原文)
Details of the plans are sketchy but it appears Apple will be launching a new platform for news publishers with paywalls – the Wall Street Journal is in, New York Times and Washington Post are not – and announcing a series of new TV deals and original programmes that will put it head to head with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and their rivals in streaming media as they fight it out to be the new kings of Hollywood.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第44句 (查看原文)
Too often, prosecutors don’t even try to hold top executives criminally accountable. They claim it’s too hard to prove that the people at the top knew about the corporate misconduct. This attitude distorts the incentives for corporate leaders. The message to executives? So long as you bury your head in the sand, you can keep collecting fat bonuses without risk of facing criminal liability.
2020考研英语第49句!何凯文每日一句 (查看原文)
Executives of these companies are fully aware that consumers are nervous, and that a security breach could be a company-ending event. The app companies quoted in this article say they never sell user data, don’t allow advertisers to use data for targeting, and keep the data securely encrypted.
第46句!何凯文每日一句继续开工 (查看原文)
Warren’s legislation has little chance of Senate passage and was quickly criticized by business groups and white-collar defense attorneys as criminalizing normal corporate behavior.
何凯文每日一句第47句!2020考研英语复习要坚持下去鸭! (查看原文)
If unpaid, caring work including parenting could, over time, be more evenly distributed between men and women, and personal life better balanced with paid work, it would benefit us all.
麻溜点开第48句,开始学习何凯文每日一句 (查看原文)
The IMF’s real headache is that the flaws in the global economy exposed by the financial crisis were papered over rather than properly dealt with. A decade of cheap money has resulted in a build-up of debt, excessive speculation, asset price growth and a sense that the bubble is about to burst.
百之半数,何凯文每日一句第50句了! (查看原文)
Advanced economies(发达经济) around the world are suffering from weaker levels of productivity growth, but the UK’s poor performance is particularly pronounced(这个单词的意思是:明显)
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第51句 (查看原文)
As U.S. economic growth in the past decade assumed an increasingly urban character, that diverse set of strengths enabled this town to defy a pervasive narrative of rural decline.
何凯文每日一句第52句:黑洞照片的故事 (查看原文)
But black holes are so small, dark and distant that observing them directly requires a telescope with a resolution equivalent to being able to see a bagel on the moon. This was once thought to be an insurmountable challenge.
关于“付费代写论文”,这是何凯文每日一句第53句 (查看原文)
A US firm targeting first-year university students and offering to write essays for £7 a page, posts messages on accommodation and course group chats created to help freshers settle into university life, boasting that students can “pay after delivery”.
何凯文每日一句第54句:为了孩子升学,家长甚至开始犯罪 (查看原文)
Those 16 parents had previously been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. Prosecutors say the parents sought to ease their children’s admission to selective colleges, in a scheme that used bribery to cheat on standardized exams and to falsely portray their children as athletic recruits.
2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第55句关于健康与饮食 (查看原文)
Instead, statisticians use models to figure out how much added risk there is to eating too much salt or not enough beans, then apply those risks to the recorded deaths from diseases you might get from those poor dietary choices.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第56句 (查看原文)
The lesson of the financial crisis is that it wasn’t just the product of overzealous regulators or greedy capitalists. They played a role, but the larger role was played by the convergence of many forces that we understand only in retrospect and can control only with difficulty.
何凯文每日一句第57句:如何支持老年人生活 (查看原文)
Yet there is no better way to support family life and the lives of an older generation that is increasingly infirm than by sharing what income and wealth we have.
何凯文每日一句第58句:工业与环保 (查看原文)
Citing differences over climate change, Royal Dutch Shell has pulled out of an industry trade group called the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers.Shell said that it was at odds with the refining and petrochemical group on the Paris climate agreement, carbon pricing, fuel mandates and the reduction of methane emissions.
2020考研英语第59句:何凯文每日一句之自制力 (查看原文)
What grabs fewer headlines is that there are plenty of behaviors that require self-control that have held steady or even improved in recent decades. Cigarette smoking has fallen sharply since the Mad Men days. Alcohol consumption peaked in 1980 and has fallen back to the same level as 1960.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第60句 (查看原文)
Supporting homeless people to achieve their potential matters now more than ever. For this vulnerable group, with complex needs aggravated by barriers to basic services such as housing, health, employment and benefits, attending university is low on the list of aspirations. Yet for many, a university education will help them get their lives fully on track, enabling them to find fulfilling work and a regular income.
是何凯文每日一句第61句:笑是怎么产生的 (查看原文)
We usually think laughter is primarily something we do when we find something funny, but in fact most laughter is produced for social reasons – we are 30 times more likely to laugh if there is someone else with us than when we are on our own.
2020考研英语:何凯文每日一句第62句 (查看原文)
The District plans to crack down on drivers who park in or block bike lanes and put cyclists at risk by creating a team of bike-lane enforcement officers with the power to issue tickets on the scene and by mail.
何凯文每日一句第63句:精英领域不公平现象 (查看原文)
Disappointingly, journalism is falling behind other sectors of elitism such as law and banking, which are doing more to compensate glaring inequalities.
何凯文每日一句第64句:排放门事件 (查看原文)
German prosecutors charged former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn and four others with fraud in the emissions cheating scandal that has helped turn many Europeans against diesel engines and accelerated the push toward electric cars.
何凯文每日一句:2020考研英语第65句 (查看原文)
However, Spence said the research might help to unpick some of the unexplained phenomena around taste, pointing out that previous experiments have found people could still discriminate between foods that are only expected to differ by their odours, even when their nose was not involved.
2020考研英语:何凯文每日一句第66句 (查看原文)
Zuckerberg also expressed confidence that the company could “strengthen privacy without meaningfully impacting our business”, though the chief financial officer, David Wehner, warned that the company expects revenue growth rates to “decelerate sequentially” due to “ad-targeting-related headwinds”.
何凯文每日一句第67句:两党的分歧 (查看原文)
Trump has threatened to lead another shutdown after the September deadline if his funding priorities aren’t met. They include an additional increase in military spending, more money to construct a wall on the Mexico border, and big budget cuts for things like housing, education, environmental protection and foreign aid. Many Democrats have rejected these priorities, creating a possible deadlock because they control the House of Representatives.
2020考研英语:何凯文每日一句第68句 (查看原文)
The uneasy relationship between dentist and patient is further complicated by an unfortunate reality: Common dental procedures are not always as safe, effective, or durable as we are meant to believe. As a profession, dentistry has not yet applied the same level of self-scrutiny as medicine, or embraced as sweeping an emphasis on scientific evidence.
何凯文每日一句第69句:枪支权利组织财务问题 (查看原文)
The gun rights group, which spent $31 million to help elect President Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, has been operating in the red ever since, according to financial records. Despite having a Supreme Court that now tips toward Second Amendment rights, a Republican president and, until November, a Republican-controlled Congress, the organization has not been able to push forward much of its agenda in Washington.
人与人工智能——2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第70句 (查看原文)
Balancing the benefits more humanlike AI could bring with the risk for abuse is a tortured task from a practical point of view. From a more human one, however, it can be hard not to hope the tide of technological change will roll in slowly. Those hidden meanings, mystifying relationships and even groan-worthy puns that stump machines are what make Shakespeare Shakespeare. They’re also what make us us.
何凯文每日一句第71句:特朗普的2020年预算提案 (查看原文)
President Donald Trump's 2020 budget proposal argues that the benefit is not only complicated for borrowers to navigate, but it also inefficiently targets subsidies only to those borrowers in public service jobs. Senate Democrats believe that Congress should maintain but repair and improve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program so it is easier to understand and operate, and better targeted at occupations taxpayers actually want to subsidize with their generosity.
最高法院右倾——2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第72句 (查看原文)
But everybody knows Obama needs a liberal to stop the court from moving further to the right than it already has under John Roberts, the present chief justice, a man more stealth-bomber than aircraft-carrier, whose professions of judicial modesty during his own confirmation hearings in 2005 gave little inkling of the controversial decisions over which he has since presided.
2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第73句 (查看原文)
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, defying a push from President Trump for lower rates intended to stimulate the economy. “It appears that risks have moderated somewhat,” Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell said Wednesday, pointing to improving global growth and financial market conditions and optimism about trade tensions easing.
2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第74句 (查看原文)
Left, until now, to odd, low-level IT staff to put right, and seen as a concern only of data-rich industries such as banking, telecoms and air travel, information protection is now high on the boss’s agenda in businesses of every variety.
何凯文每日一句第75句 (查看原文)
As the economy continues to grow past what many predicted was possible, some analysts and officials are wondering if the current state of the economy is too good to be true — and that experts must be missing warning signs.
何凯文每日一句第76句:新知识的探索受到强烈谴责 (查看原文)
Rarely has the search for new knowledge, undertaken by a university of world renown, been so vocally condemned. That is what happened when Cambridge University announced a new academic research project to determine the extent to which the university “contributed to, benefited from or challenged” slavery and the slave trade.
某些人群必须接种抗麻疹疫苗——何凯文每日一句第77句 (查看原文)
The law, which is set to come into effect from 1 March 2022 if it passes through parliament before the end of this year, would make vaccination against measles mandatory for all children attending nurseries and schools, as well as teachers, educators and medical staff at hospitals and surgeries.
英国新车销量下降:2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第78句 (查看原文)
New car sales fell more than 4% in the UK last month, the second-lowest April since 2012, with analysts blaming consumer reluctance to make significant purchases while Brexit uncertainty persists.
2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第79句 (查看原文)
Worldwide, there were more than 50 fatal airline accidents a year through the early and mid-1990s, claiming well over 1,000 lives annually, according to figures compiled by the Flight Safety Foundation.
相比女性,更倾向男性候选人:何凯文每日一句第80句 (查看原文)
To some, this imbalance in the gender makeup of the press corps makes media coverage prone to framing articles from a male perspective. For example, in evaluating a female candidate’s qualifications, they look for someone who is strong, rational, composed, and a fighter, says Meredith Conroy. “Women can try to distort themselves into this mold, but it’s harder,” Conroy continues, “Men are inherently more suitable for this vision of the presidency, so their male behaviors are less likely to be questioned by the press.”
2020考研英语何凯文每日一句第81句 (查看原文)
You might have hoped, in view of the European Union’s failures, that Brexit would provide an opportunity to do things better. It does, but it is not being taken. On the contrary, while the EU will introduce a legal commitment to prevent any fish species from being exploited beyond its replacement rate next year, the UK’s fisheries bill contains no such safeguard.
何凯文每日一句第82句:全球塑料危机 (查看原文)
Von Hernandez said the deal is “a crucialfirst step towards stopping the use of developing countries as a dumping groundfor the world’s plastic waste, especially those coming from rich nations”. MarcoLambertini said the accord is a welcome step and that for too long wealthycountries have abdicated responsibility for enormous quantities of plasticwaste. “However, it only goes part of the way. What we – and the planet – needis a comprehensive treaty to tackle the global plastic crisis,” Lambertiniadded.
语言类考试和高级考试难度过大(何凯文每日一句第83句) (查看原文)
The exams regulator in England, Ofqual, is “killing off” modern languages by failing to address the excessive difficulty of language GCSE and A-level exams, according to more than 150 academics. In a letter published in the Guardian, the 152 academics warn that the exams are graded too severely and the stress for pupils is “disproportionate”.“They will have to sit excessively difficult exams and accept that their grade may well end up lower than their performance deserves,” the letter says.
经济学家们知道的没有自己想象的多(何凯文每日一句第84句) (查看原文)
The most intriguing and indisputable thing we have learned about economists in recent decades is that they don’t know nearly as much as they thought they knew.
何凯文每日一句第85句:莎士比亚那些作品真的是他写的吗? (查看原文)
Doubts about whether William Shakespeare (who was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 and died in 1616) really wrote the works attributed to him are almost as old as the writing itself.
互联网的世界与现实世界(何凯文每日一句第86句) (查看原文)
In an era when social media is central to much human interaction, and a phone can bring the whole world into our palms, the idea that what happens on the internet is somehow “less real” feels like it’s missing the point.
何凯文每日一句第87句:公司应该考虑安全问题 (查看原文)
Critics say that because PG&E is an investor-owned company, it is incentivized to direct profits to shareholders rather than to safety measures. PG&E counters that its customers’ wellbeing is its top priority.
何凯文每日一句第88句 (查看原文)
Antitrust advocates argue that the regime around competition today lags behind the times. Network effects help large companies grow larger while keeping little ones out, and every piece of data acquired makes the last millions or billions of pieces more valuable. The most ardent champions for regulation say focusing only on whether consumers are immediately being charged higher prices will not be enough to rein in the tech industry’s power players.
禁止堕胎的法律(何凯文每日一句第89句) (查看原文)
Missouri lawmakers on Friday approved legislation to ban abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy, becoming the latest state to put severe restrictions on the procedure. In an echo of the tight strictures put on abortion in Alabama earlier this week with a law that has been passed but not yet come into force, the legislation includes an exception for medical emergencies threatening a woman’s health, but not for rape.
何凯文每日一句第90句:总感觉人类离灭绝不远了 (查看原文)
An alarming, landmark U.N. report released this month illustrated a version of Clinton’s point: As the population of humans has rapidly increased, the population of everything else has steadily declined.
削减创造性工作时间与人员是缺乏远见的(何凯文每日一句91) (查看原文)
A BBC survey in January 2018 showed nine out of 10 secondary schools had cut back on lesson time, staff or facilities in at least one creative arts subject. Meanwhile, cuts to local authorities have further decimated opportunities for young people to participate in the performing arts. These cuts feel shortsighted when creative jobs are thought to be some of the least vulnerable to automation.
何凯文每日一句第92句:福特汽车公司要裁员 (查看原文)
Ford Motor will cut roughly 10 percent of its global salaried staff by August as part of a companywide “redesign,” the U.S. auto giant told employees Monday. The cuts represent the latest phase of Ford’s global restructuring, meant to make the company more agile and less bureaucratic in the face of industry uproar that has forced carmakers to pivot away from sedans and shutter plants nationwide.
何凯文每日一句第93句 (查看原文)
Democrats believe these Millennials voters will eventually turn out to the polls at higher rates, replace the baby boomers and the Silent Generation, and give the blue team an unending string of victories. Republicans alternate between reassuring themselves that younger voters will age into conservatism once they start having kids and panicking that young voters will never age out of liberalism.
温度对数学和语言方面表现的影响(何凯文每日一句第94句) (查看原文)
何凯文每日一句第95句:SAT面临严重质疑 (查看原文)
The College Board, a nonprofit organization that owns the SAT, is developing the program as its flagship test faces significant skepticism over breaches in test security and the value of the scores.
何凯文每日一句第96句 (查看原文)
Ross’s record is another example of the ways the digital media ecosystem, with its strong incentives for those able to grab attention, encourages certain negative and, in some cases, illegal behaviors.
学校改革高度关注成绩忽略了其它(何凯文每日一句第97句) (查看原文)
One of the most frustrating aspects of many school reforms efforts of the past several decades is the intense focus on test scores with far less attention, if any, on the personal experiences that students bring to the classroom and how those who have suffered chronic stress are affected.
何凯文每日一句第98句:汉堡王推出堵车套餐 (查看原文)
Food delivery apps have exploded in popularity in recent years, with companies like DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub and Uber Eats seizing on consumers’ desire for customized meals and convenience. Gustavo Lauria, co-founder of the advertising agency We Believers, which developed the vehicle delivery concept, said the new approach allows the burger chain to capitalize on a time of day in which the city’s nightmarish traffic typically slows business.
何凯文每日一句第99句 (查看原文)
British shoppers have notched up the fastest quarterly growth in online retail sales on record, in the latest sign of the shifting trends fueling the decline of the high street. Total sales across the high street and online were flat in April month on month, beating forecasts made by City economists for a drop in sales of 0.3% amid the political turmoil of Brexit – a sign that British consumers have generally shrugged off the uncertainty.
为了流量,平台可以容忍流言(何凯文每日一句第100句) (查看原文)
The platforms have been much more reluctant to act against lies which promote causes which are not in themselves criminal, however despicable. Google and Facebook are both advertising businesses, the biggest that the world has ever seen, and they depend on their ability to attract and to retain viewers. So the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones were tolerated for many years. So were the 9/11 truthers, the anti-vaxxers, and, on Twitter, Donald Trump’s campaign to suggest that Obama had been born abroad.
创造101?不,是何凯文每日一句101 (查看原文)
Little defense of liberal education has been heard from any prominent political leader — even Democrats such as Barack Obama, whose education, two books written before his presidency and speeches were more steeped in liberal arts than any president in memory, but who as president caved in to lobbies for STEM education and school privatizers.
每日一句英语:何凯文第102句 (查看原文)
Amid what is likely to become the longest period of sustained economic growth on record, a new report shows that millions of middle-class and low-income Americans still aren’t on solid enough ground to weather a sustained downturn.
“电动滑板车之渐变的计划”何凯文每日一句第103句 (查看原文)
The evolving plan — being launched by the electric scooter company Spin and a California start-up called Swiftmile — involves installing dozens of electric docking stations on private property as a way to charge e-scooters, give riders a designated place to park their devices and draw more foot traffic to particular locations.
何凯文每日一句第104句:动物实验也性别歧视 (查看原文)
Scientists have typically justified excluding female animals from experiments – even when studying conditions that are more likely to affect women – on the basis that fluctuating hormones would render the results uninterpretable. However, according to Rebecca Shansky, it is entirely unjustified by scientific evidence, which shows that the hormones and behaviour of male rodents are less stable than those of females.
补偿性的优势(何凯文每日一句第105句) (查看原文)
He believes that this very difficulty may have had the compensating advantage of forcing him to think long and intently about every sentence, and thus enabling him to detect errors in reasoning and in his own observations.
何凯文每日一句第106句:环保主义者未必是反科学 (查看原文)
1.Few would dispute that the term applies to the Unabomber, whose manifesto, published in 1995, scorns science and longs for return to a pre-technological utopia. But surely that does not mean environmentalists concerned about uncontrolled industrial growth are anti-science, as an essay in US News & World Report last May seemed to suggest.
第107句:何凯文每日一句之相关的JAVA声明不具有版权 (查看原文)
Google claims that the 37 Java declarations it copied are, in effect, just non-expressive tools that are not copyrightable at all. They just activate the implementing code. Google compares the declarations to a computer keyboard. When you tap the A key, it mechanically activates the underlying word-processing program— Microsoft Word, say—that then sees to it that a letter a pops up on your screen. While Microsoft Word is copyrightable, the keyboard is not.
何凯文每日一句第108句 (查看原文)
何凯文每日一句第109句:老龄化的趋势是不可避免的 (查看原文)
For the first time in history, the Earth has more people over the age of 65 than under the age of five. In another two decades the ratio will be two-to-one, according to a recent analysis of Deutsche Bank. The trend has economists worried about everything from soaring pension costs to “secular stagnation”.The world’s greying is inevitable. But its negative effects on growth are not.
何凯文每日一句第110句 (查看原文)
Japan’s health and labor minister has defended workplaces that require women to wear high heels to work, arguing it is “necessary and appropriate” after a petition was filed against the practice.
何凯文每日一句第111句 (查看原文)
While polls show Britons rate “the countryside” alongside the royal family, Shakespeare and the National Health Service (NHS) as what makes them proudest of their country, this has limited political support.
何凯文每日一句第112句 (查看原文)
The real-world benefits of any apparent improvements in experimental working memory function associated with the technique will also need to be evaluated together with the impact of any potential adverse effects of brain stimulation.
何凯文每日一句第113句:商业模式专利 (查看原文)
Over the past decade, thousands of patents have been granted for what are called business methods. Amazon.com received one for its "one-click" online payment system. Merrill Lynch got legal protection for an asset allocation strategy. One inventor patented a technique for lifting a box.
经济复苏似乎开始出现问题——何凯文每日一句第114句 (查看原文)
For the first time in a long time, the recovery looks as if it might be starting to sputter a little bit.Everywhere you look, after all, there has been less-than-stellar news recently. Consider the fact that the economy not only added a 75,000 jobs in May — 180,000 had been expected — but also that, after the latest revisions, it turns out it added 75,000 fewer jobs than we had thought in March and April.
何凯文每日一句第115句 (查看原文)
Young people should be encouraged to broaden their horizons with more activities to embrace this world, which is the best way for them to get a clear perspective of what they are hoping to do with their lives and why. Students with such a perspective are usually the most effective and motivated ones who can gain competitive edge in the future career.
何凯文每日一句第116句 (查看原文)
何凯文每日一句第117句:怎样准备考研作文写作 (查看原文)
Few would dispute that Jack Ma’s success springs from his proper choice and rational decision, whose resignation from teaching position in a university gives birth to the company of Alibaba, the future largest e-commerce platform of China. But surely that does not mean his success can be solely attributed to so-called “smart
日本的教育——何凯文每日一句第118句 (查看原文)
While often praised by foreigners for its emphasis on the basics, Japanese education tends to stress test taking and mechanical learning over creativity and self-expression.
何凯文每日一句第119句 (查看原文)
Professors routinely treat the progressive interpretation of history and progressive public policy as the proper subject of study while portraying conservative or classical liberal ideas—such as free markets and self-reliance—as falling outside the boundaries of routine, and sometimes legitimate, intellectual investigation.
何凯文每日一句第120句:不会因为油价上涨而觉得烦恼 (查看原文)
One more reason not to lose sleep over the rise in oil prices is that, unlike the rises in the 1970s, it has not occurred against the background of general commodity-price inflation and global excess demand.
何凯文每日一句第121句:疫苗的接种数量正在下降 (查看原文)
“This global survey clearly shows that people’s beliefs about science are deeply influenced by their culture, context and background,” said Imran Khan. “We need to care more about these connections if we want everyone to benefit from science.”
多元计划:何凯文每日一句第122句 (查看原文)
But the newspaper industry never seems to get around to noticing the cultural and class biases that so many former buyers are complaining about. If it did, it would open up its diversity program, now focused narrowly on race and gender, and look for reporters who differ broadly by outlook, values, education, and class.
何凯文每日一句第123句:基因专利 (查看原文)
Critics make three main arguments against gene patents: a gene is a product of nature, so it may not be patented; gene patents suppress innovation rather than reward it; and patents’ monopolies restrict access to genetic tests such as Myriad’s.
何凯文每日一句第124句:非谓语动词做状语 (查看原文)
=_______ a page from the Democrats, Trump embraced a plan to allow Medicare to negotiate directly with drug manufacturers, _________that such a scheme could save hundreds of millions of dollars and reduce drug prices.
何凯文每日一句第125句:如何保证科研机构有效运转 (查看原文)
It is therefore generally valuable to treat the scientific establishment as a resource or machine to be kept in functional order. This seems mostly effectively done by supporting a certain amount of research not related to immediate goals but of possible consequence in the future.
何凯文每日一句第126句:医疗问题 (查看原文)
They’d also lost their car, which forced them to rely on doctors who practiced nearby, but many of those rural doctors were aging out and retiring. The ones who remained were deluged with patients, which meant they often chose not to take on people like Stevie and Lisa, who couldn’t afford even minimal co-pays.
何凯文每日一句第127句:税法改革 (查看原文)
During the first year of his administration, President Trump signed a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. tax code. While Republicans cast it as a boon to the middle class, lower- and middle-income taxpayers saw only moderate tax relief while the highest earners received a substantial windfall.
何凯文每日一句第128句 (查看原文)
何凯文每日一句第129句:航空业污染 (查看原文)
British green groups spanked the Prince Charles for deciding to fly to the U.S.to pick up a prestigious environmental award, arguing that the carbon emissions created by his travel canceled out his green credit. His critics may be onto something. Jets are uniquely polluting. Though air travel is responsible for only l.6% of total greenhouse gas emissions, according to one estimate, in many countries it’s the fastest-growing single source.
何凯文每日一句第130句:取得可信度的过程 (查看原文)
何凯文每日一句第131句:帮助偷渡者是否有罪? (查看原文)
Put differently, an American jury was asked whether, in effect, it should be illegal for one human being to provide basic sustenance to preserve the lives of other human beings in desperate need – and it could not quite make up its mind.
何凯文每日一句第132句:克隆人 (查看原文)
NBAC members also indicated that they will appeal to privately funded researchers and clinics not to try to clone humans by body cell nuclear transfer. But they were divided on whether to go further by calling for a federal law that would impose a complete ban on human cloning. Shapiro and most members favored an appeal for such legislation, but in a phone interview, he said this issue was still “up in the air.”
何凯文每日一句第133句:智能手机 (查看原文)
What happened in 2012 to cause such dramatic shifts in behavior? It was after the Great Recession, which officially lasted from 2007 to 2009 and had a starker effect on Millennials trying to find a place in a sputtering economy. But it was exactly the moment when the proportion of Americans who owned a smartphone surpassed 50 percent.
何凯文每日一句第134句:为什么选择雌性卷尾猴 (查看原文)
The researchers studied the behaviour of female brown capuchin monkeys. They look cute. They are good-natured, co-operative creatures, and they share their food readily. Above all, like their female human counterparts, they tend to pay much closer attention to the value of “goods and services” than males.Such characteristics make them perfect candidates for Dr. Brosnan’s and Dr. de Waal’s study.
何凯文每日一句第135句:英国的研究人员被欧盟拒绝 (查看原文)
British researchers say they are being shut out of bids for major European research partnerships, or asked to keep a low profile, because of fears that the threat of a no-deal Brexit could contaminate chances of success. An analysis by University College London of the latest EU research funding data shows that UCL and eight other Russell Group universities were running around 50 big European research collaborations a year in 2016, but only 20 in 2018.
何凯文每日一句第136句:在家工作压力更大 (查看原文)
A new study suggests that contrary to most surveys, people are actually more stressed at home than at work. Researchers measured people’s cortisol, which is a stress marker, while they were at work and while they were at home and found it higher at what is supposed to be a place of refuge.
第137句:数字鸿沟(何凯文每日一句) (查看原文)
A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide — the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor. And that divide does exist today. My wife and I lectured about this looming danger twenty years ago. What was less visible then, however, were the new, positive forces that work against the digital divide. There are reasons to be optimistic.
第138句:第四次工业革命(何凯文每日一句) (查看原文)
Today we talk about the fourth industrial revolution and the management-school jargon is used to describe the rapid rollout of connected hi-tech networks across the economy. The impact on living standards cannot be overstated. There are potentially great benefits for improving the productivity of the economy – enabling higher workers’ wages or a four-day week. But there are risks as the pace of change accelerates that workers could be displaced.
何凯文每日一句第139句:社交媒体反应行动 (查看原文)
Consumers have hijacked media to apply pressure on the businesses. In such a case, the company’s response may not be sufficiently quick or thoughtful. Toyota Motor, for example, alleviated some of the damage from its recall crisis earlier this year with a relatively quick and well-orchestrated social-media response campaign, which included efforts to engage with consumers directly on sites such as Twitter and the social-news site Digg.
何凯文每日一句:气候紧急情况(第140句) (查看原文)
The climate emergency is wreaking havoc across the world, and it is the poorest countries that bear the brunt of the crisis. In recent years, the frequency and duration of these dry spells has increased. As it does so, the capacity of people to resist these shocks decreases. At this point they begin to flee and become displaced, often in informal camps near urban settlements. It is crucial that, in our turbulent and increasingly unstable world, Somalia is not left behind.
何凯文每日一句第141句:全体女子运动队都在争取权益 (查看原文)
In demanding the same pay and conditions as their male counterparts, women’s teams across sports are pushing to end comparisons of male and female athletes. To win the battle, however, some comparisons can be used as evidence in their favor.
何凯文每日一句第142句:到底是谁带来了钱? (查看原文)
The tourist streams are not entirely separate. The sightseers who come by bus -- and often take in Warwick Castle and Blenheim Palace on the side -- don’t usually see the plays, and some of them are even surprised to find a theatre in Stratford. However, the playgoers do manage a little sight-seeing along with their playgoing. It is the playgoers, the RSC contends, who bring in much of the town’s revenue because they spend the night (some of them four or five nights) pouring cash into the hotels and restaurants. The sightseers can take in everything and get out of town by nightfall.
何凯文每日一句第143句:枪支安全措施 (查看原文)
Virginia voters should have no illusion about the intended fate of these very sensible gun-safety measures, many of which have been introduced before but never got far with Republicans in control. The only way these measures will have any chance of being considered, voted on and enacted is if the equation of the General Assembly changes with the election of lawmakers who put public safety ahead of the interests of the gun lobby.
何凯文每日一句第144句:反垄断 (查看原文)
House lawmakers embarked on their sweeping antitrust investigation of Silicon Valley in June, expressing rare bipartisan alarm then that “dominant, unregulated platforms have extraordinary power over commerce, communication and information online.” They pledged to review not only Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google but also the government’s own competition laws and enforcement agencies, part of an effort to determine if the industry had come to wield dangerous “monopoly power” without consequence.
保护隐私:何凯文每日一句(第145句) (查看原文)
The FTC’s $5 billion punishment against Facebook sets a new record as the largest penalty ever assessed against a tech company that broke a past promise to the government to improve its privacy practices -- more than 200 times greater than the previous largest fine. Under the FTC’s new settlement, the consequences for Facebook could be vast: The tech giant may have to document every decision it makes about data before offering new products, keep closer watch over third-party apps that tap users’ information, and require its top executives, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, to attest that the company adequately has protected privacy.
信用卡账户信息被盗:何凯文每日一句(第146句) (查看原文)
Meanwhile, the theft of information about some 40 million credit-card accounts in America, disclosed on June 17th, overshadowed a hugely important decision a day earlier by America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that puts corporate America on notice that regulators will act if firms fail to provide adequate data security.
第147句:何凯文每日一句之教育服务削减 (查看原文)
The legislature was literally divided, with some lawmakers convening at the state capitol while others gathered in a town hundreds of miles away designated by the governor. As a result, not enough votes were cast to reach the three-quarter threshold needed to overturn vetoes by the governor that would spark deep cuts to education and other services.
第148句:2020何凯文每日一句之通信体面法 (查看原文)
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects Internet companies from liability for posts from third parties, with few exceptions. It’s this immunity that allows sites such as Twitter to host hundreds of millions of people’s expressions in real time and every consumer review service or website with a comments section to open itself up to conversation — all without fear of lawsuits.
夏季暴跌(2020何凯文每日一句第149句) (查看原文)
Shoppers deserted UK high streets during June as the washout weather and continuing Brexit uncertainty helped drive store visits down to a seven-year low for the month. The “summer slump” took a particularly heavy toll on high streets, with shopping centres also badly affected, according to the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) monthly footfall tracker for the period from 26 May to 29 June.
2020何凯文每日一句第150句 (查看原文)
Just how much does the Constitution protect your digital data? The Supreme Court will now consider whether police can search the contents of a mobile phone without a warrant if the phone is on or around a person during an arrest.
何凯文每日一句第151句之做事认真的人更有效率 (查看原文)
Campbell’s partner said research shows that conscientious people, who are often more detailed-oriented and disciplined, tend to be more productive. What the research does not explain, he said, is what habits make someone conscientious in the first place, leaving a gap in knowledge that researchers hoped to fill.
“Very often when people try to detect what drives performance, they rely on personality, which actually reveals little about someone’s ability to do their job well,” he said.
何凯文每日一句第152句:亚马逊的目标 (查看原文)
Amazon’s goal is quite ambitious given that its current retraining programs, which began in 2012, have attracted only about 12,000 of its U.S. employees. Still, the company is showing a renewed faith in its workers to expand their skills. And for workers who participate, it shows a faith in Amazon’s knowledge of market and technology trends in forecasting the types of skills needed in the future.
第153句何凯文每日一句:达美乐正当程序权利受到侵犯 (查看原文)
A federal judge in California agreed with Robles that the ADA covered websites but dismissed the lawsuit. He agreed with Domino’s that its due process rights would be violated because the Department of Justice(DOJ) has never made good on its obligation to issue guidance on exactly how websites and apps should comply with Title III of the act, which concerns public accommodations.
何凯文每日一句第154句:造成男女认知差异原因 (查看原文)
The latest research suggests living standards and access to education probably bear more responsibility for cognitive disparity between men and women than genes, nursery colours or the ability to catch a ball.
性别中立对吗?:2020何凯文每日一句第155句 (查看原文)
Few would deny that parents and teachers should expose children to a wide range of toys and play activities. But what the Swedes are now doing in some of their classrooms goes far beyond encouraging children to experiment with different toys and play styles—they are requiring it. And toy companies who resist the gender neutrality mandate face official censure. Is this kind of social engineering worth it? Is it even ethical?
2020何凯文每日一句第156句:电脑系统的复杂性 (查看原文)
One reason for the complexity is that airlines were early adopters of computerised systems. They built their first electronic reservation systems in the early 1950s; Delta’s current system once belonged to a defunct airline that went bust in 1982. But as airlines merged and more new functions were added—from crew scheduling to passenger check-in and bag tracing— they have come to resemble technological hairballs in which one small problem quickly spirals into bigger ones that even experts struggle to disentangle.
2020何凯文每日一句第157句 (查看原文)
It’s possible that plutocrats are expressing solidarity with the struggling middle class as part of an effort to insulate themselves from confiscatory tax policies. But the prospect that income inequality will lead to higher taxes on the wealthy doesn’t keep plutocrats up at night. They can live with that. No, what they fear was that the political challenges of sustaining support for global economic integration will be more difficult in the United States because of what has happened to the distribution of income and economic insecurity.
2020何凯文每日一句第158句:目光清醒的经济实用主义者 (查看原文)
If “entitled” is the most common adjective, fairly or not, applied to millennials (those born between 1981 and 1995), the catchwords for Generation Z are practical and cautious. According to the career counselors and experts who study them, Generation Zs are clear-eyed, economic pragmatists. Despite graduating into the best economy in the past 50 years, Gen Zs know what an economic train wreck looks like. They were impressionable kids during the crash of 2008, when many of their parents lost their jobs or their life savings or both. They aren’t interested in taking any chances.
第159句(2020何凯文每日一句) (查看原文)
Historians have only recently begun to study the increase in demand for luxury goods and services that took place in eighteenth-century England. McKendrick has explored the Wedgwood firm’s remarkable success in marketing luxury pottery; Plumb has written about the rapid increase of provincial theaters, musical festivals, and children’s toys and books. While the fact of this consumer revolution is hardly in doubt, three key questions remain: Who were the consumers? What were their motives? And what were the effects of the new demand for luxuries?
2020何凯文每日一句第160句:创新者和非创新者的不同 (查看原文)
Inventions and innovations almost always come out of laborious trial and error. Innovation is like soccer; even the best players miss the goal and have their shots blocked much more frequently than they score. The point is that the players who score most are the ones who take most shots at the goal -- and so it goes with innovation in any field of activity. The prime difference between innovators and others is one of approach. Everybody gets ideas, but innovators work consciously on theirs, and they follow them through until they prove practicable or otherwise. What ordinary people see as fanciful abstractions; professional innovators see as solid possibilities.
2020何凯文每日一句第161句 (查看原文)
While polls show Britons rate “the countryside” alongside the royal family, Shakespeare and the National Health Service (NHS) as what makes them proudest of their country, this has limited political support.
第162句:卡氏公司的成功(2020何凯文每日一句) (查看原文)
Carter’s owes much of its recent success, analysts say, to a deal it forged with Target in the early 2000s. Instead of selling its existing line in Target stores, executives offered to create a spinoff. “Target customers tend to shop frequently, so constant newness is important,” said Kendra Baker Krugman. An exclusive line for Walmart followed soon after. In 2017, the company created Simple Joys by Carter’s for Amazon Prime to reach more affluent and “digital savvy” millennials. As a result, the retailer’s biggest competitors — Walmart, Target and Amazon — are also its largest customers.
第163句:拯救工业的运动(2020何凯文每日一句) (查看原文)
Rather than just being a campaign against something, Labor should use such anti No-Deal Brexit movement to put its progressive domestic agenda front and center, presenting it as a cure for the ills of austerity that led Britain to this crisis. It could be presented as a campaign to save industry, to appeal to swing voters in key seats, too.
上帝是医生:2020何凯文每日一句第164句 (查看原文)
Here is an example, which I heard at a nurses’ convention, of a story which works well because the audience all shared the same view of doctors. A man arrives in heaven and is being shown around by St. Peter. He sees wonderful accommodations, beautiful gardens, sunny weather, and so on. Everyone is very peaceful, polite and friendly until, waiting in a line for lunch, the new arrival is suddenly pushed aside by a man in a white coat, who rushes to the head of the line, grabs his food and stomps over to a table by himself. “Who is that?” the new arrival asked St. Peter.” Oh, that’s God,” came the reply, “but sometimes he thinks he’s a doctor.”
课外活动:2020何凯文每日一句第165句 (查看原文)
O’Neill suggested that the school system’s attendance policy is not working and needs rethinking. She also won board support for a measure that called for a review of policies on academic eligibility for sports and other activities.
Extracurricular activities can keep students invested in school — and work against absenteeism or dropping out, she said.
2020何凯文每日一句第166句:长寿 (查看原文)
This, optimists claim, will extend life for many people to today’s ceiling of 120 or so. But it may be just the beginning. In the next phase not just average life spans but maximum life spans will rise. If a body part wears out, it will be repaired or replaced altogether. DNA will be optimized for long life. Add in anti-ageing drugs, and centenarians will become two a penny.
2020何凯文每日一句第167句 (查看原文)
The presumption that low-income first-generation college students will cash in their “golden ticket” of going to a top school can be strong. “Middle- or upper-class students have the luxury of making mistakes. Students from working-class backgrounds – that one mistake can send them back down the economic ladder,” says Stephens, the Kellogg professor.
2020何凯文每日一句第168句:克服“隐性性别偏见” (查看原文)
Job vacancies at one of Europe’s leading engineering universities will be open exclusively to female candidates for at least the next 18 months in order to overcome the institution’s “implicit gender bias”. Frank Baaijens from the Eindhoven University of Technology said progress towards a better balance of men and women in academic roles had been stubbornly slow. Under the new recruitment policy, men will only be eligible for any academic post if no suitable female candidates emerge within six months of a job becoming available.
播客业务:2020何凯文每日一句第169句 (查看原文)
Podcasting, once a low-budget affair done mostly by hobbyists for whom financial gain was rarely the goal, is now attracting big money. Gimlet, the podcast studio behind popular shows like Reply All, Mystery Show, and Homecoming, was acquired by Spotify in February — along with Anchor, an app that lets you listen to and produce your own podcast — for a combined $340 million. “The format is really evolving and while podcasting is still a relatively small business today, I see incredible growth potential for the space and for Spotify in particular,” said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in a blog post announcing the deal.
绝大多数的DNA是无用的:2020何凯文每日一句第170句 (查看原文)
After 20 years of biologists arguing that most of the human genome must have some kind of function, it now seems that, because of the way evolution works, the vast majority of our DNA has to be useless – a suggestion that contradicts claims from prominent researchers.
2020何凯文每日一句第171句:信息搜集 (查看原文)
British MPs fear that spooks are asking American agencies to fish out information on Britons they are forbidden to collect themselves—a claim Mr Hague said was “fanciful”.
2020何凯文每日一句第172句:什么能使婚姻稳固? (查看原文)
Back in 1990, Pew asked couples what made a marriage work, and fewer than half (47%) of adults said sharing household chores was very important. When couples were asked again 19 years since later, no other item on the list (which included faithfulness and happy sexual relationships) had risen in importance nearly as much, and across the demographic landscape―among men as well as women, marrieds as well as singles; old as well as young.
2020何凯文每日一句第173句:疑症检测 (查看原文)
Wilson and colleagues hope to prove their test, which will be more widely available this summer for about $2,400, can be an efficient and reliable solution for the sorts of medical mysteries that befuddle doctors, aggravate patients and can run up huge medical bills.
陪审团:2020何凯文每日一句第174句 (查看原文)
But as recently as in 1968, jury selection procedures conflicted with these democratic ideals. In some states, for example, jury duty was limited to persons of supposedly superior intelligence, education, and moral character. Although the Supreme Court of the United States had prohibited intentional racial discrimination in jury selection as early as the 1880 case of Strauder v. West Virginia, the practice of selecting so called elite or blue ribbon juries provided a convenient way around this and other antidiscrimination laws.
2020何凯文每日一句第175句:医疗和社会保障法案 (查看原文)
In England the government’s controversial Health and Social Care Act 2012 places the health secretary under “an overarching duty to have regard to the need to reduce inequalities between the people of England with respect to the benefits that may be obtained by them from the health service”.
2020何凯文每日一句第176句:控制环境管制和执法 (查看原文)
The emails underscore how Pruitt and senior agency officials have sought to surround themselves with people who share their vision of curbing environmental regulation and enforcement, leading to complaints from environmentalists that he is ignoring the conclusions of the majority of scientists in and out of his agency, especially when it comes to climate-changing carbon emissions.
2020何凯文每日一句第177句 (查看原文)
With digital rivals like Apple jumping into entertainment and entertainment competitors like Disney pouncing on digital, Netflix’s fast-growing, big-spending ways suddenly don’t seem so ironclad. Investors are beginning to wonder whether Netflix is about to be disrupted itself.
所谓聪明人:2020何凯文每日一句第178句 (查看原文)
Rather than looking for ways to give the less intelligent a break, the successful and influential seem more determined than ever to freeze them out. The employment Web site Monster captures current hiring wisdom in its advice to managers, suggesting they look for candidates who, of course, “work hard” and are “ambitious” and “nice”—but who, first and foremost, are “smart.” To make sure they end up with such people, more and more companies are testing applicants on a range of skills, judgment, and knowledge.
用户习惯:2020何凯文每日一句第179句 (查看原文)
The QWERTY keyboard layout was designed to be deliberately inefficient so that the mechanical keys of the typewriter would jam less frequently. That feature is no longer relevant, but it doesn’t matter—we’re still typing on QWERTY keyboards, because that’s what people are used to. The same principle is what makes Google or Facebook or Amazon so massive.
2020何凯文每日一句第180句:抑郁症 (查看原文)
Although he had little else to offer patients besides the lifestyle remedies of the Greeks, melancholia was finally thought to be at least partly biological. In subsequent years, everything from herbal remedies to opium to music therapy to spinning stools designed to make people too dizzy to feel pain fell in and out of vogue.
2020何凯文每日一句第181句:信任危机 (查看原文)
Leading U.S. science organizations called on the Justice Department to renew an abandoned partnership with independent scientists to help raise forensic science standards, warning bluntly that doubts about questioned techniques have grown to a point that "society's faith in the American justice system is at risk."
2020何凯文每日一句第182句 (查看原文)
Yet key measures of the nation’s public engagement, satisfaction and confidence—voter turnout, knowledge of public-policy issues, faith that the next generation will fare better than the current one, and respect for basic institutions, especially the government—are far below what they were 50 years ago, and in many cases have reached near historic lows.
独生子女:2020何凯文每日一句第183句 (查看原文)
Such stereotypes about spoiled, lonely and peculiar only children have endured for more than a century, despite a wealth of research showing lone children are usually none of those things and often do better in many areas than children with siblings. But despite one-child families becoming far more common, our fascination with their implied unusualness endures.
模仿:2020何凯文每日一句第184句 (查看原文)
Imitation can get a bad reputation, but researchers say our species’ drive to imitate so readily is a significant mechanism through which we learn social norms, integrate into society, and build social connection. And, they say, this level of imitation might be what sets us apart from other species and may have set us on the path to building an advanced society.
2020何凯文每日一句第185句:公众冷漠 (查看原文)
Widespread use of smart phone and social media has changed in no small measure our way of communication, of shopping and of learning. We used to be vocal about the benefits that new technologies brought: they will lead to unprecedented job growth, support the economy and improve the quality of our lives. But it’s hard to ignore the growing public apathy in chatting with our friends in person. Regardless of the enormous amount of photos shared on Face book, modern city dwellers grow detached from their immediate surroundings and fail to realize that codes and digits can never provide the human touch that we yearn for.
NHS私有化:2020何凯文每日一句第186句 (查看原文)
Systematically starved of funds during a decade of austerity, NHS trusts have been forced to outsource. The detail of where private companies have chosen to expand arouses concerns. If their role in diagnostic testing and routine operations such as hip replacements was conceived as a way to reduce waiting times, the delivery of highly complex mental health services is a different matter.
邮件保密:2020何凯文每日一句第187句 (查看原文)
Email’s privacy model was always based on courtesy: We wouldn’t look at the messages crossing the network that weren’t for us because that would be rude. It would be even more rude to change them, though system administrators did regularly insert strange messages or modify messages as jokes, or to get their users’ attention. Emails from God or Santa Claus were not unheard of.
过犹不及:2020何凯文每日一句第188句 (查看原文)
But as we move away from the skinny goals of the mid-2000s and embrace different shapes and sizes, one group of campaigners has taken things a step too far. Fronted by plus-sized models and social media influencers, the fat acceptance movement aims to normalize obesity, letting everyone know that it’s fine to be fat.
穷人与富人的选择:2020何凯文每日一句第189句 (查看原文)
And poorer families tend to spend a much larger share of their incomes on housing and other basic needs than their wealthier counterparts, who are more likely to put their money into insurance and retirement.
苏格兰皇家银行:2020何凯文每日一句第190句 (查看原文)
Royal Bank of Scotland’s gambit to sidestep having to sell its Williams & Glyn business is under threat as smaller lenders mount a challenge, arguing that it does not go far enough to address competition concerns.
2020何凯文每日一句第191句:知识 (查看原文)
The ability to distinguish between fact and opinion, and to constantly question what we call knowledge, is vital to human progress, and something we cannot afford to let slip.
阅读必考话题预测:2020何凯文每日一句第192句 (查看原文)
While it’s unclear how big an impact such efforts to curb the food waste have in ultimately reducing emissions, they reflect how environmental concerns are growing and shaping the behavior of consumers and businesses. The “Too Good To Go” app is part of a growing number of services using technology to help reduce food waste. Activists have built online communities to share food with neighbors before throwing it away. Startups have teamed up with supermarkets to create applications that alert consumers when groceries that are about to expire are marked down. Even the German government has launched a phone app offering recipes by celebrity chefs made specifically for left-over groceries that often get discarded.
文本分析技术:2020何凯文每日一句第193句 (查看原文)
The technology of text analytics has been around for a while—it powers, among other things, the spam filter you rely on to keep your inbox manageable—but as the tools have grown in sophistication, so have their uses.Many brands, for instance, rely on text-analytics firms to monitor their reputation on social media, in online reviews, and elsewhere on the web.
2020何凯文每日一句第194句 (查看原文)
The strike, like most #MeToo-era advocacy, reveals that those who’ve dealt with workplace misbehavior don’t desire vengeance so much as an acknowledgement of the harm that’s been wrought.
可再生能源:2020何凯文每日一句第195句 (查看原文)
The decline in renewable power generation spending was mostly down to falls in wind power and hydro but solar hit record levels despite becoming cheaper to install.
可替换能源:2020何凯文每日一句第196句 (查看原文)
When there are clear alternatives to burning fossil fuels then politicians who do not act to prevent it must stand accused not just of failing to act, but of condoning the mass poisoning of their people.
众筹给予希望:2020何凯文每日一句第197句 (查看原文)
Some crowdfunding campaigns have been astoundingly successful: they’ve raised millions of dollars to fund basic research and clinical trials that have likely saved children’s lives. Donations can, however, only carry a therapy so far before a pharmaceutical company must grab the baton—an outcome that’s not guaranteed. And such therapies may not be able to turn back the clock on damage that’s already done, making cinematic happy endings to these stories unlikely. Still, participation in trials gives families some hope of a longer and healthier future for their children.
假视频:2020何凯文每日一句第198句 (查看原文)
But the problem isn’t just the proliferation of falsehoods. Fabricated videos will create new and understandable suspicions about everything we watch. Politicians and publicists will exploit those doubts. When captured in a moment of wrongdoing, a culprit will simply declare the visual evidence a malicious mixture.
线上造假:2020何凯文每日一句第199句 (查看原文)
Online fakery runs wide and deep, but you don’t need me to tell you that. New species of digital fraud and deception come to light almost every week, if not every day. The internet was supposed to create markets where impartial mechanism would automatically surface the truest ideas and best products, at a vast and incorruptible scale. But deception and corruption scale fantastically too.
考研学习200天!2020何凯文每日一句第200句 (查看原文)
I study and write about resilience, and I’m noticing the the troubling tendency in students. . Their faith in their own sweat confers a kind of contingent confidence: When they win, they feel powerful and smart. When they fall short of what they imagine they should accomplish, however, they are crushed by self-blame. We talk often about young adults struggling with failure because their parents have protected them from discomfort. But there is something else at play among the most privileged in particular: a false promise that they can achieve anything if they are willing to work for it.
2020何凯文每日一句第201句 (查看原文)
To increase the number of patients eligible for treatment, doctors are turning to artificial intelligence for help. Genetic testing is churning out so much data that even an army of Ph.Ds couldn’t make sense of it all. Artificial intelligence turns that volume of data from a liability to an advantage.
把握时机:2020何凯文每日一句第202句 (查看原文)
Today no such severe lack exists as that ordered by Frederick. Nevertheless, some children are still backward in speaking. Most often the reason for this is that the mother is insensitive to the signals of the infant, whose brain is programmed to learn language rapidly. If these sensitive periods are neglected, the ideal time for acquiring skills passes and they might never be learned so easily again. A bird learns to sing and to fly rapidly at the right time, but the process is slow and hard once the critical stage has passed.
移民改革:2020何凯文每日一句第203句 (查看原文)
As immigration reform remains at a standstill, and the Trump administration eyes even more restrictionist immigration policies, many in Silicon Valley are worried the United States is losing its competitive advantage—just what they were hoping to guard against with a start-up visa.
儿童规范:2020何凯文每日一句第204句 (查看原文)
The Age Appropriate Design Code, or Kids’ Code for short, which is expected to be laid before parliament this autumn, would completely revolutionize the digital landscape for British children. Among its standards are strict content and design limitations on apps, games and platforms that target minors. Widely used technologies that manipulate children through algorithms or reward systems designed to get and keep their attention would be scrutinized and banned.
科学反击:2020何凯文每日一句第205句 (查看原文)
Every day in the media, we see once unthinkable science headlines. More than 700 cases of measles across 22 states in the U.S., largely due to those who believe vaccines do more harm than good. Climate change legislation stalled in the U.S. Senate even as scientists tell us that we have only until 2030 to cut worldwide carbon emissions by half, then drop them to zero by 2050. And, in one of the most incredible developments of my lifetime, the Flat Earth movement is on the rise.
对千禧一代的认知:2020何凯文每日一句第206句 (查看原文)
It is not surprising that generalizations about millennials—or about any generation — largely collapse under scrutiny. It is easy to confuse an observation about people of a given age with observations about a given generation. By virtue of their stage in life, they have particular hopes, worries, challenges and opportunities—all worthy of concern and study. The place to start is the assumption that the millennial generation are much like the people who came before them.
2020何凯文每日一句第207句 (查看原文)
Had Sergio’s book been stolen a year ago, he would have had to wait to be allowed to check out any other books until he came up with enough money to pay off his library debt.
在线商业的营业模式:2020何凯文每日一句第208句 (查看原文)
Because most online business models depend on advertising, and because most advertising depends on clicks, profits flow from content that users notice and, ideally, share—and we users, being cognitively flawed human beings, prefer content that stimulates our emotions and confirms our biases. By now, multiple studies have confirmed that “fake news and false rumors reach more people, penetrate deeper into the social network, and spread much faster than accurate stories.”
压榨劳工:2020何凯文每日一句第209句 (查看原文)
While the government continues to struggle, it is important for us to reflect on whether the convenience of websites such as Amazon are truly worth the cost to workers who claim to suffer from the inadequate facilities and awful environments that are pervasive in these warehouses.
2020何凯文每日一句第210句 (查看原文)
How did large firms go from being a symbol of American strength to being the object of almost universal scorn? A series of high-profile corporate scandals certainly hasn’t burnished the image of Big Business. Nor has the rise of the shareholder-value movement, which tolerates no mission other than producing profits, preferably in the near term.
内疚感:2020何凯文每日一句第211句 (查看原文)
Of course, knowing when to feel bad and what to do about it are things we could all benefit from. Malti’s research may focus on kids, but guilt is a core human emotion—an inevitability for people of every age. And she believes that it has the potential to be especially helpful now, in a world that is growing more divided and atomized.
流媒体竞争:2020何凯文每日一句第212句 (查看原文)
Details of the plans are sketchy but it appears Apple will be launching a new platform for news publishers with paywalls – the Wall Street Journal is in, New York Times and Washington Post are not – and announcing a series of new TV deals and original programmes that will put it head to head with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and their rivals in streaming media as they fight it out to be the new kings of Hollywood.
2020何凯文每日一句第213句 (查看原文)
We need to explore the experience of deep emotional connection, belonging, compensation for shame and humiliation, and purpose and mission in life – the sense of finally living a life of glory and strength and power – that provides the emotional nutrients that generate a breeding ground for young men eager and energized to prove their manhood.
上瘾:2020何凯文每日一句第214句 (查看原文)
This is a case where the collective interest of the nation’s health overrides the rights of individual companies to sell whatever they want to whomever they want. Manufacturers of processed foods increasingly resemble the tobacco lobby--reluctant to admit that their product is poisonous, insistent that consumer choice is paramount. The analogy is strengthened by neurological research suggesting the extreme compulsion to keep eating sugary, fatty, salty food amounts to a kind of addiction.
信任的力量:2020何凯文每日一句第215句 (查看原文)
The modern society cannot function properly without trust, a faith that other people or organizations will act fairly and honor their promise. With trust, individuals can make decisions on future plan in expectation of other people’s deliverance, avoiding the upsetting of risks. For the economy as a whole, the force of trust best shows itself in the form of credit. When there is widespread trust in the market, we see dropping transaction costs and increasing business volume, because companies can get the necessary financial support for expansion at low interest rate from the public.
文化消费:2020何凯文每日一句第216句 (查看原文)
Consuming culture should be about delight and surprise; it should be comforting and unsettling; it should be thought-provoking and create space for self-reflection. It need not be all of these things at once, but a balanced diet helps us understand each other across social divides and make sense of the human experience. Just as we should resist outsourcing our ethical decisions to machines, we should not allow them to make cultural ones for us either. Encouraging us to make choices about cultural consumption based on path dependency, as the Netflix algorithm does, is not a neutral phenomenon.
利己主义:2020何凯文每日一句第217句 (查看原文)
Shell also bought the UK’s biggest challenger electricity and gas supplier recently, so it stands to benefit if more motorists plug in their cars.Ben van Beurden, Shell’s chief executive, tells investors that he is not spending up to $2bn (£1.5bn) a year on green stuff just for the company’s reputation. So straightforward self-interest explains a lot.
2020何凯文每日一句第218句 (查看原文)
It remains unclear, too, whether the programs can consistently recruit enough high-potential students to sustain profitable operations once they exhaust their venture capital.
医疗系统的弊端:2020何凯文每日一句第219句 (查看原文)
Some clinics employ more clerks than providers—not just to generate invoices but to send along the patient information insurers need to approve treatments, to dispute denied payments, and on and on. For every $1 billion in revenue, the healthcare system employs the equivalent of 770 full-time people to settle the bills.
儿童学习:2020何凯文每日一句第220句 (查看原文)
Child development is relational, which is why, in one experiment, nine-month-old babies who received a few hours of language instruction from a live human could isolate specific phonetic elements in the language while another group of babies who received the exact same instruction via video could not.
女律师的着装:2020何凯文每日一句第221句 (查看原文)
Medium-length or long hair was best—but not too long. Heels and skirts were preferred at trial—but not too high and definitely not too short. But showing up in federal court with bare legs was as unthinkable as showing up drunk. Clothing may seem trivial, but what a woman wears at trial is directly related to her ability to do her job. When questioning a witness to expose a lie, I would hold document and show it in the witness’s face. I had to approach witnesses carefully—because I was balancing on heels.
住房问题:2020何凯文每日一句第222句 (查看原文)
Over the past 20 years home ownership in Britain has plummeted among young adults, who have had to pay more toward pensions while bearing the brunt of weak wage growth since the financial crisis. Young people today are also likely to spend a high proportion of their income on rent, making it harder to save for a home deposit.
标准化测试:2020何凯文每日一句第223句 (查看原文)
The current emphasis on standardized testing highlights analysis and procedure, meaning that few of us inherently use our innovative and collaborative modes of thought. "This breaks the major rule in the American belief system — that anyone can do anything," explains M. J. Ryan. "That's a lie that we have perpetuated, and it fosters commonness.”